Who’s in H Book Show

On the tail of a great 6 week show in the Brighton Photo Biennial 2014, and after another great call for submissions, we are really please to let you all know who’s books will be part of H Book Show in London which opens next Friday at Doomed Gallery in Dalston.

H Book Show
Friday 14 & 15 November
Doomed Gallery

Opening night
Friday 14 November
6pm – late

join facebook event here…

Come over from 6pm on Friday 14 November for beer, cider, books and music, and check out work by the following authors…

Wiesje Peels
Jessica Mallock
Lucília Monteiro
Karin Lindholm
Kristianne Drake
Tomohiro Davies Matsuda
Cliff Bevan
Rosaline Shahnavaz
Sigrid Ehemann
Nathan Pearce
Juniper Fleming
Louie Palu
Marja Saleva
Melissa Campbell
James Duncan Clark
Anne Erhard
Isaac McKay-Randozzi
Michel Mazzoni
Matteo Pasin
Jason Wilde
Ben Cave
Celine Marchbank
Leandro Menezes
Francisco Paco Carrascosa
Michael Fitzsimmons
Simona Rota
Martin Seeds
Yukihito Kono
Stacy Kranitz
Bridgette Ashton
Gustavo Alemán
Atsushi Fujiwara
Christopher Nunn
Israel Ariño
Karin Borghouts
Matt Gunther
Israel Ariño
Maria L. Felixmüller
Daan Paans
Yusuke Yamatani
Save Zine
Oliver Sieber
Mischa de Stroumillo
Thomas Van Den Driessche
Jukka Onnela
Anya Schiller
Colette Saint-Yves
Sebastian Szyd
Pierre Masseau
Martino Marangoni
Miren Pastor
Maury Gortemiller
Helena Rovira
Trine Stephensen
Elevine Berge
Nicolò Degiorgis
Chloe Newman
Toshitsugu Yamawaki
Timothy Connell
Oana Damir
Russell Squires
Philipp Ebeling
Clive Frost
Shantala Fels
No Thoughts Zine
Gábor Arion Kudász
Scott Caruth
Landry A
Davi Russo
Michal Luczak
Rasmus Vasli
Jason Evans
Kevin Beck
William Sadowski
Stuart Bailes
Amit Chahalia
Lorenzo Vitturi
Michael Jang
Kevin Fuchs

Thanks to all that submitted work to this call for submissions, we really appreciate the support!