Who’s in Brighton Photo Biennial show

After a tough couple of days reviewing all the submissions for the Brighton Photo Biennial show, we are please to announce the who’s in the show.

The exhibition will be open to the public from 4 October – 2 November at Jubilee Library in central Brighton.

Alongside our show, there are many great exhibitions and events happening throughout October as part of the Photo Biennial program or the Brighton Photo Fringe Festival that runs alongside.

So make a trip to our hometown by the sea, check out the shows, and if you are around on Saturday 4th or 11th October come to Workflow Studio for our bookmarkets, or sign up for our DIY bookbinding workshop on 18 October.

So, in no particular order…

Garry Jones
Lena Guimont
Pete Rogers
Goose Flesh
Adam Lach
Lais Pontes
Clara Bahlsen
Der Greif
Roberto Boccaccino
Wilma Rekkers
Mark Lewis and Tanya Zack
Florian Reischauer
Gabor Arion Kudasz
Scopio Network
Nicolas Guiraud
Jan Banning
Minyung Im
Chiara Dazi
Ying Ang
Malcolm Venville
Rosa Rodriguez Sanchez
Vasantha Yogananthan
Adriana Monsalve
Zun Lee
Ignacio Navas
Göran Gnaudschun
Gregory Reuben Levitt
Monica Alcazar-Duarte
Nick Ballon
Dominik Gigler
Esther S White
Trevor Powers
David Magnusson
Birgit Krause
Adam Void
Seza Bali
George Coles
Homer Sykes
Jason Larkin
Erico Yoshida
Hertta Kiiski
Niina Vatanen
Monika Fagerholm
Mirjami Schuppert
Jessica Bishopp
Jason Hynes
Martino Chiti
Human Endeavour Collective
Charlotte Ball
Rosie Barnes
Lucy Levene
Jin Hee Bae
Zhang Lijie
Jos Jansen
Christophe Guillaud
The Lost Prarie
Portrait Salon
Eric Gottesman
Sam Ivin
Nicolò Degiorgis
Chaska Covatti
Elsa Heath
Ava Aubrey Conboy
William Hanekom
Jess Herbert
Carla Rudgyard
Yian Zeng
Ruben Brett
Farouk Furjani

More info about the BPB2014 show here…