A Book Show

A, was the first in a series of exhibitions which focused on the hand-made and self-published photobook.

Our intention was to showcase a wide range of work, from the short run, the limited edition, to the one off and ephemeral photobook.

There was no theme to the exhibition, the only criteria for submissions where that it is important to the artist that the work be viewed as a book – be ready to leaf through some interesting work from international contributers.

The show was held at Workflow Studio in Brighton.

Opening Night

Friday 2nd December 6-9pm


Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December 11am – 6pm

A Book Show featured work from

Joan Alexander
Diana Artus
Gordon Ashbridge
Murray Ballard
Alex Bailey & Helen Flanagan
Julian Baron
Kevin Beck
Pierre Bessard
Pogo Books
Antony Cairns
Margarida Correia
Lawrence Daley
Caitlin Duennebier
Jon Dunning
Ramon Eding
Peter Edwards
Human Endeavour
Dan Epthorp
Jason Evans
Virgilio Ferreira
Peter Gates
Stuart Griffiths
Nicolas Haeni
Yoann Hagnere & Viola Korosi
Andy Heller
Bonifacio Barrio Hijosa
Kenji Hirasawa
Fergus Jordan
Shiho Kito
Josef Konczak/Martin Seeds
Espen R Krukhaug
Jason Larkin
Queenie Rosita Law
Chris Linaker
John Maclean
Louise Maher
Bertil Nilsson
Simon Norfolk
Preston is my Paris
Bruno Quinquet
Misha de Ridder
Nick Rochowski
Davi Russo
William Sadowski
Kayne Li Lui Sang
Maria Serrano
Amelia Shepherd
Jess Smith
Ewen Spencer
Lucy Steggals
Aya Takada
Mikel Telleria
Megan Turner-Jones
Harry Watts