Photobookshow & Phaidon Competition

To celebrate the launch of The Photobook: A History, Volume III we held a competition to give away two copies of the book at F Book Show in Tokyo (March 2014), and G Book Show in Brighton (June 2014).

The photobook has been labelled by Martin Parr the ‘supreme platform’ for many photographers to disseminate their work to a mass audience.

At a time when the photobook received little critical attention, The Photobook: A History series was published by Phaidon to highlight this incredibly varied genre within photography, presenting key examples from Martin Parr’s vast and varied collection.

Vistors to each show where asked to vote for their favourite books in the shows, and the most selected books where winners.

A copy of The Photobook went to the authors of each winning book, and to two random voters from each show.

F Book Show winner in Tokyo

Pierre Liebaert

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G Book Show winner in Brighton

Yusuke Yamatani
Tsugi no yoru e / On to the next night

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