Photobookshow Kyiv Participants

We have spent a long time revisiting our archive and looking though so many amazing books.

With the help of some new collaborators on this project we are pleased to announce the participants of our Photobookshow in Kyiv:

One Week In Moscow by Murray Ballard & Gabriella Rizzello
The Myth of the Airborne Warrior by Stuart Griffiths
Open Mic by Ewen Spencer
75003 by Gianluca Tamorri
Alan Sugar Must Die by Scott Caruth
A lamb named Beauty by An-Sofie Kesteleyn
Memories Of by Bruno Ehrs
Sexual Joy Through Self-Hypnosis by Kristine Jakobsen
Rue by Michael DeMeo
23.04.09 – 27.12.11 by Lidija Kononenko
Others by Edward Newton
Caerdydd Diary by Mahesh Shantaram & Vidya Rao
10×15 by Quentin de Briey
More Than Ninety Minutes by Stewart Weir
Speaking of Names, by Christopher Gianunzio & Jenny Tondera
United Kingdom by James O Jenkins
Salaryman Project by Bruno Quinquet
Fucking In The Morning Time Is Better Than A Cup Of Haferschleim by Landry A
Vacances 1952 by Lina V Persson
FIELDNOTES by Stuart Bailes
Hidden Islam by Nicolò Degiorgis
Developing by yuchen yang
A Process by Der Greif
Bradley by Wilma Rekkers
Pieces of Berlin 2009-2013 by Florian Reischauer
Memrobillia by Gabor Arion Kudasz
Piémanson by Yogananthan
Bidean by Miren Pastor
Der Weg des Krampus / The way of the krampus by Dominik Gigler
Purity by David Magnusson
This is England by Homer Sykes
Palestine Pigeon by erico yoshida
Archive Play by Artists: Hertta Kiiski, Niina Vatanen, Authors: Monika Fagerholm, Mirjami Schuppert
See What I See by Jessica Bishopp
Separate we are together by Mischa de Stroumillo
Seeds: On the Origin of Food Crops by Jos Jansen
Sudden Flowers by Eric Gottesman
DUALⅠ&Ⅱ by toshitsugu yamawaki
Rest3000- Stay5000- by Tokyo Rumando/東京るまん℃
Whispering with elves, trolls, and hidden-folks by keiko kurita
Invisible Architecture by Vaan
アオノニマス 肺 by 柿崎真子
写真会議録BRAINSTORMING vol.1 人間 / vol.2光 / vol.3嘘 by 写真会議録BRAINSTORMING編集部
Tales From The City Of Gold by Jason Larkin
In Visible Cities by Diana Artus
Kalush Part 1 by Christopher Nunn
Ordinary 90\’s playgame by NASTYNASTY©
Book #1 : What My Pussy Loves by Liana Yang
Nachtigall / Nightingale by Lena Grass
(No) soy de aquí by Gustavo Alemán
Imaginary Club by Oliver Sieber
Sudden Death by Julia Mueller
Traces Within by Eva Voutsaki
(unknown) by Save Zine
Pseudo Plant by Jacqueline Butler
Position(s) by Antoine d\’Agata
Ezkiozaleak by Julia Montilla
Jess Smith
Haikainonekoyanagi by Nakanishi Taisuke
Undercoover by Adam W. Thomas
Budapest by Hagnere Yoann and Viola Korosi
“Well, it’s all over now.” by Various
South East 15 by Cliff Bevan
Memory Full Summer by Various
Bloom. by Rosaline Shahnavaz
Tangente by Laurent Chardon
My Beamline by Kevin Luchs
Midwest Dirt by Nathan Pearce
“Mimus, by Wiesje Peels
Yoshimitsu Yagi
LIDO. A SUD DI NESSUN NORD by Allegra Martin