Verbrannte Erde by Salvatore Santoro

Verbrannte Erde

by Salvatore Santoro

Publisher: Akina Books

The first days of october 1944, End of WWII.
Marzabotto, a small town near Bologna.
In reprisal for helping the partisans, more than 770 peoples were massacred in cold blood by the Nazis.
240 of the victims were kids from 1 to 16 years old. 316 were woman.
Verbrannte Erde, Scorched Land.
After this dramatic event of almost 70 years ago, Marzabotto’s land and men yet today have failed of recovering.

Verbrannte Erde is Salvatore Santoro’s formal investigation of the town and its outskirts,
He wanders through a vacant landscape and town streets, scavenging fragments of evidence and scraps of memory, outlining a visual research into the fabric of a wounded town.

In the words of Massimo Zamboni, Italian musician:
“Salvatore’s lens glimpsed it: Marzabotto teach us the embarrassment of looking each other as of today.”
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