The House In The Middle by Gordon Macdonald

The House In The Middle

by Gordon Macdonald

Publisher: Photoworks

Photoworks' collectable publication - please contact for more information about this title.

Featuring photographs by photographers Danny Treacy, Paul Reas, John Kippin, Richard Billingham, Jo Broughton, Dirk Wackerfuss, Anne Hardy, John Paul Bichard, The Design Council Archive, the BBC Picture Library, the Collection of Chris Mullen, Protect and Survive and the Los Alamos National Library as well as a creative text by Althea Greenan.

This book brings together a diverse selection of works that define and defy that perennial photographic genre: the interior. Concentrating on the interior as artifice, and drawing on historical, archival, professional, amateur and fine art imagery, the artists create a series of show homes, television and photographic sets, porn studios and environments to show interpretations of the domestic interior. All are made with an ulterior motivation; to sell us a product or make us believe that actors are occupying a 'real' space, into which we are allowed to intrude unnoticed.

Published to coincide with a Photoworks exhibition at the Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne, in 2004.

Limited Edition of 1000

Designed by LOUP
Published in 2004
200mm x 160mm
80 pages
50 illustrations
ISBN: 1-903796-14-8
America Appropriation Constructed Documentary Hardback Political Published
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