Cairo Divided by Jason Larkin

Cairo Divided

by Jason Larkin

During the last year of living in Egypt Jason Larkin focused his camera on the controversial ‘satellite cities’ project that has dramatically transformed the once inhospitable desert surroundings of Cairo into new urban centres, and in the process consigning old focal points to a life on the margins. These mega-projects, sending boutique villas and water-hungry golf courses tumbling into the sand dunes, are reshaping the political and psychological contours of the largest megacity in Africa and the Middle East.

Against the backdrop of national revolution, Jason Larkin collaborated with writer Jack Shenker to produce this unique bilingual publication exploring the capital’s rapidly mutating urban landscape. Released as part of a new publishing project Unabridged, which brings writers and photographers together on in-depth works, this English-Arabic bilingual newspaper format publication was freely distributed across Europe and the Middle East. Nominated for the prestigious Deutsche Borse Photography Award and Prix Pixtet environmental award and featured at the Brighton Photo Biennale in 2012, were a second edition was printed for the Biennale.

Publications Specs
Publisher: Jason Larkin/Unabridged, October 2011
Text: Jack Shenker
Arabic Translation: Industry Arabic
Binding: Newsprint
Extent: 32 Pages
Trim Size: 380mm x 290mm
Photographs: 30 Colour
Design: Realise Creative
Africa Colour Documentary Newspaper Political Text
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