and the sun goes down by Queenie Rosita Law

and the sun goes down

by Queenie Rosita Law

"Book description:

There isn’t a particular order to view the images in this book, as there isn’t a narrative nor is this book telling a singular story.

All the moments are captured in between. Just because we saw sunrise, doesn’t mean it is the beginning of a day. (The sun also rises, and the sun goes down.)

This book is unique and has been compiled personally by me. The order of the pages in each book is different, but the layout for each series of the images are the same.

All images have been captured using film and toy cameras. Not knowing how the images will come out excites me. Photography to me is a very spontaneous and instant act. Photography captures glimpses of reality, but not necessarily the truth. It is an art of illusion."
Abstract Black & White Personal Text
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