J Book Show Participants

Over March we’ve received an overwhelming amount of photobook submissions and have spent the last few days looking through them all. We have made a selection for our next book show in Ireland, J Book Show, which is part of Cork Photo 2018.

We really enjoyed looking through all the work submitted and greatly appreciate the time and effort everyone has gone through to make and submit a photobook.

If you were not selected this time please do not be disheartened, we always try to show a cross section of books submitted. If you have donated your book, it will become part of our growing archive and could be included in future archive shows such as Photobookshow Kyiv.

If you can come along next week please come and say hello. For those who can’t be there, stay tuned on our instagram account @photobookshow for lots of updates during the show.

We are very pleased to announce that we will be showing the following participants photobooks.


Adriana Monsalve & Arlene Mejorado
Adriana Monsalve
Krystina Stimakovits & Juergen Sarge
Aram Tanis
Robert Rutoed
Shashank Peshawaria
Shruti Chamaria
Alexander Chernavskiy
Kei Kitamura
Atsushi Fujiwara
Massimiliano Camellini
Clara de Tezanos
Steven Nestor
Judith Erwes
Adam Void
Jim Cox
Lewis Bush
Nathan Pearce
Arturo Soto
Charlotte Cawdry
Gregory Dunn
Helena Gouveia Monteiro
Vincent Wittenberg & Wladimir Manshanden
Christian van der Kooy
Arturo Soto
Robert Pufleb & Nadine Schlieper
Lynn Alleva Lilley
Mattia Vacca
Mattia Vacca, Philip Di Salvo, Emanuele Amighetti & Giovanni Egeo Marchi
Garry Jones
Rebecka Uhlin
De Kwok
Stefano Reboli
Joseph Wright
Mireille Ribière
Pierre Faure
Lena Jakubčáková
Pau Guerrero & Jose Maria Guerrero
Cian Burke
Mike Chen
Josh Murfitt
Eric van Kampen
Mark Purdom
Ione Saizar
Garry Loughlin
Ammar Syed
Lotte Fløe Christensen
Visvaldas Mokrevicius
Hristina Tasheva
Alice Carcciolo & Cemre Yesil
Elijah Barrett
Thomas Abbs
Yong Hee Kim
Ruth Le Gear
Dana Mueller
Adam Geary
Natalia Poniatowska
Pippa Healy
Tom Rodgers
James Reid
Jeff Rich
Eli Haugen Sandnes
Andrea Allan
Paul Gaffney
Miren Pastor
Sigrid Ehemann
Cork Camera
Aileen Harvey
Carole Evans
Sam Ivin
Antti László
Jess Smith
Jason Evans
Christopher J Everard
Geisje van der Linden & Miriam Donkers
Takeyama Yuko
Jos Jansen
Rene Beekvelt