Important Show UpdatesВажные обновления

Unfortunately we have had to make a hard decision and postpone I Book Show in St Petersburg, Russia until August 2017.

This is due to unforeseen circumstances obtaining our entry visas to Russia, and we have decided it is better to postpone rather than risk cancelling at the last minute.

More details about the new show dates in Russia can be found on the I Book Show page.

Due to this, we now have some time in May to do something else, and since we have a selection of amazing books, that we want everyone to see, we have organised a one night show in our home town Brighton, England.

This show will be held on Friday 5th of May (the original date of the St Petersburg show). Our friends at The Brighton Studio will host the event, and we will be showing the same books that will later go to St Petersberg.

More information on this show new show in Brighton can be found on the I Book Show + page.

К сожалению, нам пришлось принять сложное решение и перенести майскую выставку I Book Show в Санкт Петербурге на август.

Это связанно с непредвиденными обстоятельствами которые усложнили получение виз.

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Так как у нас появилось свободное время в мае, мы решили устроить однодневную выставку в Брайтоне. На ней буду показаны книги, отобранные для I Book Show. в Санкт Петербурге

Более подробная информация про выставку в Брайтоне доступна на странице I Book Show+