E Book Show Participants



Thank you to everyone that took time to put work forward, we had a great response to the open call, and have been really impressed with the quality and variety of books.

This exhibition will be a completely fresh show of over 60 books that we have not showcased before, and we are pleased to announce the participants for the show are:

Logan Riehl
Natacha Withøft
Jessica Mallock
David Bate
Roger Guaus
Aleix Plademunt & Juan Diego Valera & Roger Guaus
Teresa Eng
Ricky Adam
Salvatore Santoro
Steven Nestor
Marianne Bjørnmyr
Bárbara Giacomet de Aguiar
Anthony Carr
Maria Sturm
Daniel Helene
Sam Seager
Aya Takada
Jean-Marc Yersin
Gabriele Harhoff
Fabian Weiss
Jackie Batey
Diane Bielik
Tomasz Wiech & Michał Olszewski
Neil Harman
Gregory Reuben Levitt
Jacopo Maino
Peter Bennett
Lea Habourdin
David O’Mara
Andrew  Holligan
Erno-Erik Raitanen
Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin
Gábor Arion Kudász
Matt Colquhoun
Josephine Dixon
Joe Rose
Magnus Wibe
Sarah Filmer & Angela Louise Chicken
Savezine Collective
Alison Biczysko
Franziska Klose
Pere Saguer
Thorsteinn Cameron
Helen Marland
Jethro German
Jože Suhadolnik
Amin Musa
Ginevra Shay
Bridgette Ashton
Lewis Bush
Noriko Takasugi
Bruno Quinquet
Ex Con
Slide Projector
Peter Dekens
Zoe Beausire
Henrik Malmstrom
Espen R Krukhaug
Maira Soares
John O’Toole
Valus Sonov
Valentino Barachini
Nick Kline
Michal Luczak
Alexander Gracia-Duttmann & Olivier Richon
William Sadowski
Kevin Beck
Jess Smith
Benoît Grimalt
Hayleigh Stedman
Faye Philips

As the show is a month long, we have decided to hold a series of events at the venue. These will include a film screening of How to make a book with Steidl and DIY bookmaking workshops.

The show itself is being held at the John Hansard Gallery Central, in Southampton. Please join us at the opening night on Friday 1 February from 6pm if you are around – would be great to meet you!

General opening times are:
2 February – 2 March
Tuesday – Saturday 11am-6pm