A few places to see photobooks in Tokyo

This is by no means a comprehensive list not even all the ones we visited during our stay but a few of the many ones we enjoyed and visited (also the only ones we took some pics at…). First up is So Books www.book-oga.com you can also see there new arrivals on their Tumblr so-books.tumblr.com a really amazing collection of photobooks.

So Books - Tokyo

A book store open till late is Tsutaya Books a short train ride from central but lots to look at. till the early hors of the morning.

IMG_7549 IMG_7554 IMG_7548 IMG_7547

A special treat was going to Kunihiro Takahashi publisher / shop / gallery where the owner showed us his process of publishing a book and proved to us that this book printing was indeed better than the fiber based  prints.

IMG_7604 IMG_7606


A must for any photobook enthusiast is the Library on the top floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, you can only look at three books at a time but the catalog is amazing, almost any Japanese photobook is in there.