Book Market in Brighton

Thursday 8th + Saturday 10th November


Our pop up photobook market at Phoenix Arts in Brighton is coming up, get yourselves down there on the following days to pick up some great titles:

Thursday 8th November
from 1pm, LATE OPENING till 9PM

Saturday 10th November

There is still time to register your book with us, but so far you’ll be able to see and buy titles from the likes of:

Andrew Youngson,
Nick Rochowski,
Will Maclean,
Tim Bowditch,
Highchair Editions,
Thodoris Tzalavras,
Kristin Hoell,
Helen Couchman
John Maclean,
Create Publishing,
Rokov Publishing,
Stephanie Sabatier,
HERE press,
Murray Ballard,
Kevin Beck,
Jason Hynes,
Mitch Karunaratne,
Jason Larkin,
Casey Orr,
Preston Is My Paris,
Johannes Rompennen,
William Sadowski,
Will Robson Scott & James Pearson Howes,
Portrait Salon,
Harry Watts,
Susan Lipper (Photoworks),
Stephen Gill (Photoworks),
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin (Photoworks),
Stuart Griffiths (Photoworks),
Gordon Macdonald (Photoworks)
….at least!

Phoenix Arts

10–14 Waterloo Place